Reforming Albany

Keeping Albany Honest Act

- Ending fundraisers during legislative sessions: This is a simple solution for a major problem that was not including in the last set of reforms that came from Albany. What a surprise that they'd leave their $1,000 a plate fundraisers intact, it's a great way to secure your future as a career politician. But when they're in Albany, they should be doing their jobs, and that's what this bill will force them to do.

- Implementing ranked choice voting for all state and local elections: Ranked choice voting increases the voice of our third parties and all the voters who prefer them over the two-party system. We've already seen it achieve great effect in Maine and now we have the chance to implement it here.

- Lower the donation caps again and index with the national average: Something else that shouldn't come as a surprise, NY still has one of the highest caps on donations in the country. We need to take another look at this and reduce them to be in line with the national average. Then to make it a further non-issue, we will index it so that politicians never need to touch it again.

- Scrap the old ethics panel and start anew with a more powerful and independent commission: We all know that NY is a state that is filled with poor ethical choices, but our watchdogs have had their teeth removed by the governor. A new ethics panel, with more power and oversight by the people will do the state well to help stamp out corruption.

- Tax lobbying to help end the influence of dark money: It's amazing that lobbying isn't taxed beyond payroll, but because the special interests want their seat at the table, it continues to go unchecked. Let's tax lobbying so that politicians answer to their constituents and not large monied interests in NYC.

- End legislative and executive pay raises and index with inflation: Let's also stop this game that legislators and executives get to play when it comes to their salaries. Lower the governor's salary and keep the legislative salary at current levels, then index them with inflation. Amazingly, we'd never need to worry about raising their pay again because the economy would do it for us.