Investing in Green Energy

Green Jobs and Clean Environment Act

- Create huge tax-rebates for retrofitting existing homes with energy efficient technology: If our families can only install money-saving green energy technology by spending all their income, then we must be doing something wrong. It would be simple to create the same tax-rebate that we've placed on energy efficient cars on technology such as solar panels or water collection devices. 

- Extend greater tax credits for green companies: New York can both change its business culture and improve outcomes for green companies by extending increased tax credits to some ideas that are considered "frivolous" by current politicians. But their opinion has been shaped by their big donors and ours has been shaped by an acknowledgement that the climate is changing. 

- Increased funding for properties damaged by climate change: Properties across NY state have been impacted by the severe weather and flooding caused by climate change. In my own district, flooding from Lake Ontario has increased so much that the property damage is becoming more costly every year. Just putting seasonal barriers down isn't good enough anymore, we need to actually fund a study to discover how to best end the flooding.

- Subsidies for climate-smart agriculture: NY still has a great deal of farms, including in the 134th. Having better soil, crop rotation, and pest management, doesn't just make business practices for them better; it makes our environment healthier. Farms that work in climate-smart ways deserve subsidies to show that we're serious about their future and ours.

- Securing the future of workers affected by job transition: It would be dangerous not to acknowledge that there may be some impact on the future of workers who are in industries that will be affected by climate change. That's why we need to do our best to extend basic protections to them, such as unemployment and healthcare, for a period of six months while they try to find new jobs.

- Giving back to communities affected by the climate crisis: Poor communities across the state are impacted every day by the climate crisis and we continue to do very little for them. This bill would focus on providing services to them before we reach the areas that are populated by millionaires and billionaires who need our help to a lesser degree.