Fixing Our Schools

Justice For Our Students and Teachers Act

- Increasing the base pay of our school staff: Our teachers are acting as psychologists, confidantes, and sometimes as surrogate parents, but their pay isn’t reflecting that reality. Treating our teachers a little better goes a long way, and the easiest way to do that is to make sure that the only job they need to be comfortable is teacher to our students.

- Making all lunches for students healthy and free: We’re going to continue by making all lunches for students healthy and free. It’s not hard to make sure that when students are in the care of the school that they are fed in a healthy way. And most of all, we need to make sure that our students are getting their food for free. No one should go hungry when they’re trying to get the grades needed to go to college.

- Making all school supplies purchased by teachers tax-deductible: Teachers are also buying school supplies for their students. They know what they need, but the state needs to pay for it, and that’s why we’ll make all purchases of school supplies tax deductible. Barely any cost to the state, all the difference for our teachers.

- More funding for early intervention programs: Our disabled students deserve better than we’re giving them, which is why we need to fund early intervention programs that help with their development. When families seeking basic services have to consider a lawsuit just to get what they need, our politicians need to acknowledge that they’re doing something wrong.

- Ending Common Core standards: If I were to ask the average parent or teacher about common core standards, they would tell me that it is an abomination that keeps their children from learning. So I support efforts to get rid of this boon for the standardized testing industry and a return to the system where our kids learn how to get an answer simply.

- Increasing foundational funds to underserved schools: Finally, and most importantly, we’re going to increase foundational funding for our underserved schools. Without basic funding schools are having to fire teachers and reduce necessary services. How can they be expected to bring about another generation of successful Americans, when they can barely keep their doors open?