Helping the Disabled of NYS

Building a Society of Inclusion

- Making the minimum wage for disabled workers the same as abled workers: Since the Great Depression, businesses have been able to apply and be granted the opportunity to pay disabled workers pennies on the dollar compared to an abled worker. We need to make sure that equal work receives equal pay in NY so that people of all abilities can build a life in our state.

- Increasing the number of support staff for disabled students in public schools: Graduation rates among the disabled are some of the lowest of any group in America, including in NYS. Part of the reason behind this statistic is our constant underfunding of support staff in public schools. Rectifying this is a first step towards guaranteeing equal access to public education in NY.

- Making sure every disabled person can vote by requiring all polling sites to be ADA-compliant: Although it seems like common sense, many polling places are not ADA-compliant, meaning that not everyone can access them on election day. This prevents a segment of New Yorkers from expressing their political voice, something that we should all find abhorrent. Taking this simple step helps to clean up our elections and provide a vote to a historically disenfranchised group.

- Funding grants to increase the accessibility of public transportation: Public transportation should be available to every person who needs or wants to use it. However, our infrastructure has been so neglected lately that necessary improvements including the updating of public transportation has yet to happen. That's why any infrastructure funding bill that improves public transportation should also set aside grants for making public transportation accessible to all.